Unlock 2019 – Apply now

What: Civic innovation platform on how technology and innovation is empowering civil society

Dates: 30-31 May 2019

Location: Prague

Language: English, Russian

Who should apply: Activists, campaigners, NGO workers, journalists


Русская версия

What is Unlock?

Unlock is the Prague Civil Society Centre’s annual civic innovation platform that explores how technology and innovation are empowering civil society and independent media in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. It brings together leaders and innovators from the worlds of tech, media, business and activism for two days in Prague and aims to infuse the region’s civil society with some of their tips, tricks and skills. There is a growing need for activists and NGOs to become more flexible, dynamic and tech savvy in order to survive. Unlock hopes to fast-track this process by demonstrating the opportunities available to activists to get their message across and affect change.

Who is Unlock for?

Unlock is aimed at activists, journalists, people who work or volunteer in NGOs and those involved in social, tech, environmental and artistic projects, as well as businesses collaborating with civic activism in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

If you fit this description and are open to using technology, data and art in your work, but perhaps don’t know where to start, Unlock is a great event to get inspired and see the potential of these new and alternative approaches. Perhaps you have ideas on how to use technology, or are in the early stages of such a project and want to get some expert feedback. Unlock also explores how civil society can collaborate with business and the private sector. If this is something you feel could benefit your organisation Unlock is a great event to get inspired, network and meet potential partners.

How does Unlock work?

Unlock takes place over two intensive days and consists of a series of interactive workshops and seminars. An expert in their field such as big data, virtual reality, PR, design, media and business leads each masterclass and every session is geared towards exploring and demonstrating how this expertise can be incorporated into the work of civil society. To get an idea of what’s to come, think AI and machine learning, women and minorities in civic tech, sustainability of independent media and tech for transparency and accountability. A full agenda will be announced soon, so be sure to follow us on Facebook for the latest.


How to apply

To come to Unlock 2018 please fill in the form below. Whilst participation is not strictly limited to citizens of the 12 countries in yellow, you must demonstrate a clear link and commitment to the region for consideration.

The Prague Civil Society Centre is able to provide a limited number of full (international travel and accommodation for 10 people) and partial (international travel for 20 people) travel grants for participants. If you would like to apply for this support, please indicate so in the application form. To ensure this financial assistance is available to people who really need it, we encourage those with the means to self-finance their participation to do so.

Fill in the application form below by 3 March. You may fill in the application form in English or Russian and proficiency in one of these languages is needed to participate at Unlock.

You will receive a confirmation email that we received the form and we will be in touch with successful applicants by mid-March.