What: A series of workshops and practical assignments on marketing and strategic communications

Dates: September 2018 – May 2019

Location: Prague

Language: Russian

Who should apply: NGOs and members of activist groups from Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Русская версия

What is Tseli/Comm?

Tseli/Comm is a 9-month programme aimed at helping NGOs and activist groups build stronger and healthier relationships with their local communities through smarter marketing and strategic communications. NGOs and civic activists will have a chance to develop or improve the key services they provide and improve their visibility and reputation in local communities by working with leading experts in strategic planning, service design, marketing, PR, communications and media, as well as top creative professionals 

Who is Tseli/Comm for?

Tseli/Comm is built for NGOs and activist groups from Eastern Europe and Central Asia (in yellow on the map below) that:

• Want to act and communicate in a more strategic manner
• Seek new tools and instruments to connect with their target audiences and communities  
• Will commit to the work throughout the entire programme – both during and in between the workshops

How does Tseli/Comm work?

The programme will consist of three four-day workshops in Prague as well as webinars and practical assignments. After each workshop participants will be given a practical assignment that must be completed (with the help of a mentor) in order to be admitted to the next module of the programme. 

Core modules of the programme include:

• Strategic planning. This module helps organisations define or review the foundations of their strategy. Participants will then create and test a new working strategy over the course of the workshop and assignment with the aim of producing an elaborated/revised strategy for the organization.

• Service/product design. In this module, organizations will create or redevelop a product or a service that will help them achieve the organizational goals defined in their strategy. After this workshop and follow-up mentorship, the participant organization will develop/finish developing the product/service that will correspond to the needs of their clients.

• Packaging. During this module the participants will work together with creative professionals on the visual representation of their products or services so they will appeal to their customers.

The Prague Civil Society Centre will cover the cost of flights and accommodation for all the participants of the programme.

How to apply

There will be three stages to the application process:

Stage 1: Questionnaire – We will ask you to fill in a detailed questionnaire (link below) about your organisation or activist group. 

Stage 2: Assignment – Organizations pre-selected at the first stage will receive a strategic planning assignment to be completed within three weeks. Every participant (regardless of whether they are selected for the next stage) will receive feedback from an expert.

Stage 3: Interview – Those, who successfully complete the assignment stage, will be invited to an interview.

Click to fill in questionnaire

Please fill in the questionnaire by 09.00 am 25 May 2018.  You may answer the application form in English, though please note the programme will be held in Russian-only, so you must have professional proficiency in spoken Russian to participate.

You will receive an automatic confirmation email when you apply – if you don’t receive one please check your spam folder.