Spring 2020 Fellows Arrive in Prague

Hailing this time from Ukraine and Armenia, the Spring 2020 Fellows are researching public broadcasting reform, voter data protection and digital security, and public diplomacy best practices.

CitizenLab 2017: Applications open

Applications are now open for CitizenLab 2017, a three-day hackathon in Kyiv to explore tools to boost participation in digital activism.

Kyiv Summer School: How is Ukraine different?

The Prague Civil Society Centre organised a two-week summer school programme with the Kyiv School of Economics and leading activists, reformers and politicians to assess the state of post-Maidan reforms in Ukraine and what lessons can be learnt across the region.

The ambiguity of nationalism in East Central Europe

Dr. Valeria Korablyova, a Prague Civil Society Centre Fellow, looks at the division between aggressive and defensive nationalism in Ukraine, and the history of nationalism in the Visegrad countries since the fall of the Iron Curtain.

Prague Talks: From Russia with Cash

Natalie Sedletska, Ukrainian investigative reporter, joined the Prague Civil Society Centre for a film-and-debate evening, to discuss her Channel 4 Dispatches investigation into Russian money and the London property market.