Black Snow is Falling

Black snow caused by coal dust is a common phenomenon in Russia’s Far East. With the support of our art residency programme, Russian NGO Eco Defense and the Stop Coal campaign created an eye catching animation to highlight the issue.

Victims speak out on Chechnya’s anti-LGBT purge

A new report from the Russian LGBT Network tells the stories of gay men who were arrested, tortured and then fled Chechnya amid the republic’s anti-LGBT purge.

Человека сделали инвалидом. А как мою душу искалечили?

Проект Стаси Соколовской – это серия из пяти портретов родственников жертв пыток. Портреты иллюстрируют истории героев – жён и матерей людей, подвергшихся пыткам полиции.

The beginning and the end of Russkiy Mir

Peter Ruzavin, a journalist for independent Russian station TV Dozhd, and Prague Civil Society Centre fellow, explains his project – looking at what schoolbooks teach us about Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia.

“A Factory of Dreams”: Zhanna Nemtsova on Russian propaganda

Zhanna Nemtsova explains the techniques, aims and impact of Russian propaganda, at the Prague Civil Society Centre’s “Weaponising the Media” event.