Civil society and foreign aid in Moldova

Vlada Ciobanu discusses Moldovan civil society and outlines how she will use her Prague Civil Society Centre fellowship to explore ways to boost public participation and engagement with the political process.

Shrinking space for civil society in Kazakhstan

Aina Shormanbayeva, human rights defender and lawyer, highlights the rising phenomenon of shrinking space in Kazakhstan – a theme she will explore during a fellowship with the Prague Civil Society Centre.

The ambiguity of nationalism in East Central Europe

Dr. Valeria Korablyova, a Prague Civil Society Centre Fellow, looks at the division between aggressive and defensive nationalism in Ukraine, and the history of nationalism in the Visegrad countries since the fall of the Iron Curtain.

Lessons for Armenia from Czech civil society

Avetik Mejlumyan, a lecturer at Yerevan State University (YSU) investigates whether the experience of Czech civil society since the 1990s has lessons for modern-day Armenia.

Exiled newsrooms: How technology can help

Bektour Iskender, co-founder of the Kloop Media Foundation, explains his Prague Civil Society Centre Fellowship project, exploring when, why and how independent media outlets operate outside of their home countries.

Messages from a prisoner of conscience

Rasul Jafarov, Azerbaijani lawyer, human rights defender and former political prisoner, explains his new book, “Messages from a prisoner of conscience”, which he is writing as part of a Fellowship with the Prague Civil Society Centre.

The beginning and the end of Russkiy Mir

Peter Ruzavin, a journalist for independent Russian station TV Dozhd, and Prague Civil Society Centre fellow, explains his project – looking at what schoolbooks teach us about Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia.