Black Snow is Falling

Black snow caused by coal dust is a common phenomenon in Russia’s Far East. With the support of our art residency programme, Russian NGO Eco Defense and the Stop Coal campaign created an eye catching animation to highlight the issue.

Kazakh activists lampoon secretive state spending on propaganda

In Kazakhstan, $140m of taxpayer’s money is spent every year on propaganda and media campaigns. With the help of the Prague Civil Society Centre’s visual story-telling scheme, activists were able to shine a light on how this money is spent. 

Человека сделали инвалидом. А как мою душу искалечили?

Проект Стаси Соколовской – это серия из пяти портретов родственников жертв пыток. Портреты иллюстрируют истории героев – жён и матерей людей, подвергшихся пыткам полиции.

Dreams from behind bars

Murat Dilmanov, a visual story-telling resident with the Prague Civil Society Centre, has created a series of illustrations which he has printed onto people’s backs in support of former political prisoner, Rasul Jafarov.

How to protect Almaty from smog?

Almaty, the largest city in Kazakhstan, suffers from pollution and smog. A new video by one of our visual story-telling residents explores creative ways to rid the city of dangerous fumes.

Campaign against bride kidnapping launches in Kyrgyzstan

A new series of animated videos, produced by one of our visual story-telling residents, has captured the attention of local media with its powerful images and stories focusing on the problem of bride kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan.

Мечты за решёткой

В рамках резиденции по визуальному сторителлингу Мурат Дильманов создал серию иллюстраций на человеческих телах.

Однажды Меня Украли

Серия анимационных видео привлекает внимание к проблеме кражи невест в Кыргызстане.