Vacancy: Programme Director, Innovation & Communication

 We’re hiring a Programme Director to lead our Innovation & Communication Programme.

The position is a full-time role based in our office in Prague.

Applications have now closed

A word or two about us

At the Prague Civil Society Centre, we believe that for civil society to have an impact, groups must be deeply rooted in broader society, be good at engaging with the public and enjoy recognition and support from relevant parts of society. Our Innovation & Communication programme has been developed to help civil society in Eastern Europe and Central Asia do just this. Our approaches include, but aren’t limited to, using new technologies, multimedia storytelling and innovating business models for civil society.

Together with our partners in the region, and with the input of leading professionals, we’ve produced documentaries and caption videos, piloted drones, designed smartphone apps, launched social media campaigns and improved communication strategies. Just a flavour of the type of things you’ll be getting involved with. With our help, dozens of organisations have been able to get their message across to millions of people in their home countries.

As Innovation & Communications Programme Director, you will:

• Lead, supervise and support the Innov&Comms team (currently a team of five) in designing and executing innovative, effective and inspiring projects to help civil society engage with the right audiences and effect real change;

• Further develop an ambitious strategy for the Innov&Comms programme, and contribute to the overall strategy of the Centre;

• Scout for new promising partners in the region’s civil society, professionals in the regional or international creative industries, IT, media and business sectors;

• Be on the lookout for new themes or sectors with high potential in the region to engage with, and test-run experimental projects;

• Assess the impact, quality and cost-effectiveness of individual projects as well as the programme overall; discern what was a success and deserves to be scaled up, and what failed;

• Manage the programme’s annual budget and operating plan, ensuring activities run smoothly and all the administration is in order;

• Recruit well-qualified programme staff, and provide them with guidance and feedback while making sure they know and follow all internal policies and good practices, from event design, administration and security;

• Travel fairly often to the target region or internationally (five to eight weeks in a year) in order to attend the Centre’s and partners’ events, meet partners and assess their projects, establish new partnerships and explore new opportunities, and inform the Centre’s strategy through better, deeper understanding of local contexts;

• Represent the Innov&Comms Programme and the Centre as a whole at regional or international conferences and meetings with partners or funders.

We expect a good candidate to have:

• MSc-level degree in international affairs, political/social sciences, international development, human rights, media, communications, social marketing, social entrepreneurship or other related field;

• At least 5 years of work experience in civil society, communications and activism (campaigning, advocacy, social media marketing, public relations or media production), with at least 2 years in a management position;

• Strong connections with civil society in at least one country in Eastern Europe and Central Asia as well as in-country work experience from other countries;

• In-depth understanding of broader historic, political and social context and current trends in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, including those in civil society, its needs and challenges;

• Genuine passion for human rights and fundamental freedoms, liberal values and social justice, personal experience of social or political activism or volunteering;

• High degree of organisation, motivation and initiative, strong leadership skills and work ethic;

• Personal courage, ability to operate in challenging environments of unfree societies, risk-awareness;

• Readiness to undertake frequent trips to the countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia;

• Excellent written and oral communication and presentation skills in English and Russian;

• Excellent interpersonal and teamwork skills.