Priority themes

The Centre welcomes proposals for any internship project, research topic or idea. However, special consideration will be given to applications that address one of the themes listed.

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• Sharing experience or a comparative analysis of successful or failed reforms in countries covered by the Internship programme

• New approaches to civil activism: best practices to improve the sustainability of civil society and make it less dependent on foreign funding and more rooted in domestic constituencies

• Building bridges between activists groups and local communities: how to get more support for civil initiatives from broader society

• Innovative use of “smart” technologies for effective civil initiatives

• Civil resilience to authoritarianism: challenges and positive examples in the region. 

• “Shrinking space” for civil society: how to overcome these obstacles

• Cooperation between independent media and the capacity development of journalists

• Partnership between anti-corruption initiatives or cross-countries investigative projects

• Youth programs and initiatives

• Urban initiatives, creative hubs and alternative spaces creating networking and co-working opportunities

• Online educational projects

• Cooperation between civil initiatives in the field of gender equality, empowerment and women rights

• “Traditional values”: illiberal propaganda and rise of aggressive nationalism: alternative narratives and counter-measures of civil societies in post-soviet countries

• The role of post-soviet nostalgia in shaping national identities; historical myths and historical memory

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