Fellowship: Practical information

Travel to and from Prague. The Centre will arrange and cover the cost of the fellow’s travel to and from Prague.

Duration and the location of the fellowship. Maximum length of the fellowship is 90 days. This cannot be extended. We encourage fellows to use the full three months available, but it can be shorter if agreed in advance.  Fellowships take place in Prague with some potential project-related travel permitted.

Accommodation. The Centre provides accommodation for the duration of stay.

Health insurance. If the fellow does not have travel health insurance, they must buy an insurance policy for the duration of stay in Prague. The Centre will reimburse the cost of insurance.

Visa. Obtaining information about the visa process and ensuring that the visa is received in a timely manner is the responsibility of the fellow. There are different types of Schengen visas. Please bear in mind that, if selected for fellowship, you need to stay in the Schengen area for 90 days continuously. If you already have a partly used 90-day Schengen visa than you will be able to use only the remaining unused number of days during your fellowship and you will not be able to prolong the visa in the Czech Republic after you have used all 90 days. For that reason, we recommend you to ask for a new 90 day visa for the purpose of the fellowship. In case you need a visa, the Centre will provide confirmation of accommodation, airplane tickets and a letter of invitation.

Per diem. The Centre will pay a per diem of 500 CZK per day for the first three weeks and 400 CZK per day thereafter, throughout the duration of the fellowship period. This provides a decent living for one person. The per diem should be spent on food, mobile phone services, public transport, admission fees to cultural events and other daily needs of the fellow (not including accommodation, this is covered by PCSC separately). The Centre does not assume responsibility for all the expenditure a fellow can have during the stay in Prague beyond covering travel, visa, per diems and accommodation.

Travel. Fellowship related travel within and outside of the Czech Republic is allowed and the expenses will be deducted from the fellowship project allowance. Travel plans have to be communicated to the centre in advance. Travel that is not related to the fellowship is not encouraged and the fellow will not receive per diems for these travel days. Please bear in mind that traveling back to the country of origin for the purposes of fellowship project or research is strongly discouraged. All research and preparation related to the fellowship project which needs to be done in the country of the origin, should be undertaken before the beginning of the fellowship. Any exception has to be agreed in advance.

Office space. Fellows will be provided with a shared office space next to the Centre. Each fellow will have a table, access to internet and printer. Please bring your own personal computers, the Centre will not be able to provide you with one.

Project allowance. The Centre can provide the fellow’s project with financial assistance of an amount between 1,500 and 2,500 EUR. The allowance can be used for approved project-related expenses that should be discussed with the Centre in advance. Potential expenses include: international events or conferences, travel, books or articles, a research assistant, mentor or international advisor, etc. If the fellow would like to take advantage of the project allowance, they will be asked to provide in advance a detailed budget and justification for the expenses. The project allowance is subject to separate approval and is not automatically granted to selected fellows.

Mentors, international advisors, research assistants. The Centre can assist you in finding a mentor to help with your fellowship project, or you can find your own international advisor. The rate offered to mentors from the Czech Republic, other Central European, Baltic or post-Soviet countries  is 20 EUR/hour and the total number of hours cannot exceed 15 hours or 300 Euro. The rate offered to international advisors (prominent international expert or scholar) is 40 EUR/hour and the total number of hours cannot exceed 12 hours or 500 Euro. You are permitted to recruit the help of a research or project assistant. The rate offered to assistants is 120CZK/hour. The mentor, international advisor or assistant fees will be deducted from the project allowance.

Other opportunities. The Centre can also arrange the following opportunities during your fellowship stay in Prague: English classes, personal development and coaching sessions. This is also deducted from the project allowance.

Project output. During their fellowship, fellows are expected to prepare a concrete project output such as an article, book chapter, presentation for a public or semi-public audience, a training workshop, etc. The project output should be proposed in the project plan and discussed with the Centre in advance. Project outputs are supposed to be presented at the end of fellowship to public or semi-public audience which will be organised by the Centre.

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