Meet our Fellows

Fellowships are designed for leading members of civil society and researchers from Eastern Europe and Central Asia to conduct intensive research, writing and networking.

We bring fellows from the region to Prague, to focus on their projects in a safe space, away from the daily routine of their organisations and home countries to help them connect with other groups and individuals from across the EU.

The range of fellows and types of projects we support are diverse, including journalists, lawyers, entrepreneurs, protestors and political prisoners working on everything from articles and books to films and comic strips. We encourage fellows to take a step back from their day-to-day routine to help them re-strategise, think and plan for the future of their society.

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Olena Strelnyk


Olena Strelnyk is an associate professor at the Department of Philosophy, Social and Political Studies at Poltava National Technical Yuri Kondratyuk University.

Her field of research is motherhood and gender perceptions in contemporary Ukraine.

During her fellowship, she plans to work on a series of articles, and an academic paper, which could form the basis of a book, on: “Gender as a national threat: How to empower women and promote gender equality in a challenging context”

Olga Lvova


Olga Lvova is an expert in management and communications. She has published numerous books and articles on Ukrainian politics, foreign policy and the role of think tanks.

As well as her academic background, Olga has worked in civil society and media. In 2016, she established the Think Twice UA Initiative to promote and research think tanks in Ukraine.

In Prague, she will be working on an analytical paper: “Recipes of success from Visegrad think tanks and their communication experience for Ukraine”.

Savia Hasanova


Savia Hasanova has over a decade of experience with economic research and data analysis. Since 2016, she has worked with the Central Asian Analytical Network, which produces data-driven publications.

She has worked as a journalist and data-journalism trainer with Bellingcat, OCCRP, School of Data in Kyrgyzstan, Deutche Welle, UNDP and Meduza, among others.

During her Fellowship, she will work on a series of in-depth articles on the “draconian patterns of Kyrgyzstan’s judicial system”.

Yanina Karalevich-Kartel


Yasia Karelevich Kartel is an activist, who has created media platforms to spread and share her ideas and values. She co-established the media platform and its sister platforms “Grassroots” and “Kak eto lyubit’”.

While in Prague, she plans to finish, a site where she is publishing 100 articles about the first decade of Belarusian independence.