Meet our Fellows

Fellowships are designed for leading members of civil society and researchers from Eastern Europe and Central Asia to conduct intensive research, writing and networking.

We bring fellows from the region to Prague, to focus on their projects in a safe space, away from the daily routine of their organisations and home countries to help them connect with other groups and individuals from across the EU.

The range of fellows and types of projects we support are diverse, including journalists, lawyers, entrepreneurs, protestors and political prisoners working on everything from articles and books to films and comic strips. We encourage fellows to take a step back from their day-to-day routine to help them re-strategise, think and plan for the future of their society.

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Anna Loktionova


Anna, originally an engineer, is an independent art manager and curator, LGBT+ rights activist, and director of Dotyk. Dotyk is a cultural educational institution in Belarus which uses art, festivals and exhibitions to explore the subjects of identity and self-determination. Recently, she worked as a co-curator of a festival of queer culture, and a director and curator of an alternative cultural space, CanteenXYZ. Anna plans to use her fellowship in Prague to compose an art-book “CanteenXYZ: Space, Communities, Communication” about the experience of running a public cultural space, and what happened when it was shut down under pressure from the authorities.


Babutsa Pataraia


Babutsa is director of Sapari Union, a Tbilisi-based women’s rights organisation striving to create an equal, non-discriminatory environment for women in Georgia. She is also Chair of Human Rights House Tbilisi, and previously founded the Georgian Women’s Movement, a group uniting 3,000 women in various advocacy campaigns. During her fellowship, Babutsa plans to complete her book, “Secret Stories of Girls” – a collection of stories frequently told among teenage girls on taboo topics, such as incest, harassment, rape, virginity, menstruation and sexuality.


Atyr Abdrakhmatova


Atyr is a jurist and an advocate for transparency in Kyrgyzstan’s judicial and electoral system. She teaches law at the International University in Central Asia, and she is a member of Kyrgyzstan’s central election commission. She has extensive experience as a legal expert for various civic organisations, and as an advisor to the UN, OSCE, World Bank and others. During her fellowship, Atyr will analyse the financing of elections, candidates and political parties in Kyrgyzstan to prepare best practice guidelines and recommendations to improve transparency within the election process.

Ashot Danielyan


Ashot is an independent performer and musician, organiser of festivals and events, and frontman of Uzbek indie rock group Krylya Origami. He is co-founder of Ilkhom Rock Fest, a rock festival based on non-state theatre. Ashot’s latest project, “A man with a Stool”, is a performance initiative to support creative young people and artists in Uzbekistan’s regions. As a Fellow, he will be develop the next stage of “A man with a Stool”, to create a platform for independent young artists who are struggling to find space for their creativity.