Building connections across Eastern Europe and Central Asia between researchers, activists and policymakers can generate new ideas, lead to innovative solutions and advance social progress.

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Applications have now closed for Autumn/Winter 2017 & Spring 2018 internships. 

Our internships help establish these connections by giving individuals the opportunity to work on a project, paper or report with some of the world’s leading think tanks and research institutes.



Our interns spend up to two months in a new country and a new city to gain deep exposure to different environments and facilitate new ways of thinking.


Interns pick their own research topics, and explore issues which will help build resilience and advance civil society in their home country.


Host organisations are some of the leading research and policy bodies in the world, giving interns experience of working with some of the sharpest and most creative minds in the fields of public policy, social science and research.

How does it work?

Prague Civil Society Centre interns spend up to two months with a host organisation from Europe or Central Asia, conducting research, receiving mentoring, attending events and building their contacts. At the end of the programme, interns publish a project on the issue they have investigated during their internship, and which they believe is important and can advance civil society in their home country.

Potential interns should be involved in civil society, public policy, journalism or research in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Interns identify and contact potential host organisations themselves to arrange the terms and length of their involvement, and then apply to the Prague Civil Society Centre for financial support. Host organisations can be think tanks, research institutes or policy bodies from any of the countries we work with in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, along with Central European and Baltic countries (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania).

Interns should identify a project to work on during and after their internship which is of importance and relevance to their home country. As part of the internship, interns will produce a piece of work (paper, presentation, lecture, video, training programme etc.) which they can use to raise awareness of their work or an issue of social importance.

The Prague Civil Society Centre will provide financial support for interns of between €3,000 – €4,000 to cover travel, accommodation, food and other expenses incurred during the internship. The contribution also includes up to €1,000 for the host organisation to cover their fees and time to arrange and host the internship. 

Upcoming programmes

Applications have now closed for Autumn/Winter 2017 and Spring 2018 internships.

We will respond to all applications regarding the status of your application. However, due to a large number of applications, we will not be able to complete this process until the end of September. Please do not contact us for an an update on your application before then. 

Full information & application instructions (pdf)

Host organisations

If you are a host organisation who would like to find out more about the programme, you have been contacted by a potential applicant, or you would like help finding an intern, please email



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