International seminars

 The diverse range of people and organisations working to advance their societies across Eastern Europe and Central Asia rarely have the opportunity to meet, debate their ideas and share their experience.

Our international seminars provide a forum for rigorous discussion between leading civil society representatives from the region, and with journalists, analysts and researchers from across the world.

Our programmes are residential, hosted either in Prague or with universities or research institutes in the region, to help build organic communities of people working on similar topics. We bring expert speakers to introduce key topics ranging from anti-corruption reform in Ukraine or Georgia’s economic policy to the constitutional and legal issues affecting the entire region, and then hold open debates and workshops so participants can learn how those in other sectors, or from other countries, are addressing similar issues.


All our learning and exchange programmes have a mix of participants from across the region and beyond, to encourage new thinking and promote cross-border dialogue.


Our programmes are designed not just for activists, campaigners and researchers, but professionals, journalists, bloggers, lawyers, policymakers, analysts and commentators.


We promote the free circulation and exchange of ideas, experiences and ways of thinking to create a diverse community of people working for social change in their countries and across the region.

Recent Seminars

Kyiv Summer School

The Prague Civil Society Centre organised a two-week summer school programme with the Kyiv School of Economics and leading activists, reformers and politicians to assess the state of post-Maidan reforms in Ukraine and what lessons can be learnt across the region.