Learning and Exchange

Our Learning and Exchange programmes are designed to stimulate critical, strategic and collaborative thinking on the long-term future of the region. We offer opportunities for leading members of civil society, along with experienced journalists, reformers and researchers to come together, share their experiences and explore ideas for reform.

Countries across Eastern Europe and Central Asia have undergone dramatic transformations since the fall of the Soviet Union. Some have reverted into harsh repression and severe restrictions on human rights and liberty, others moved towards democracy before being captured by oligarchic, kleptocratic or semi-authoritarian forces. Such a diversity of experience in a relatively short space of time has conditioned civil societies into a state of reaction, where they respond to developments at a national and international level, but may not have the time or resources to engage in long-term strategic planning.

At the same time, leading civil society representatives, along with journalists and researchers are conducting a lot of high-quality research on the future of the region. We want to bring these communities closer together, and give them the space, time, resources and connections to prepare ideas and initiatives to develop their societies when the opportunity appears.

Our Initiatives

International Seminars

Regular study trips, summer schools and international seminars for leading activists, journalists and researchers from across Eastern Europe and Central Asia.



Residential, long-term programmes for experienced members of civil society to re-strategise, analyse and develop their thinking about the future of their societies through research, writing and networking



Work placements for individuals from the region with institutes and think tanks across the region and in Central and Eastern Europe to build connections, develop their skills and gain know-how