Story-Telling Workshops

Those engaged in civil society work every day to change lives and develop their societies, embedding themselves within local communities and creating projects which make a difference.

Whether activists are campaigning to release political prisoners, providing legal advice to vulnerable groups, or publishing satirical cartoons, groups and individuals need to be able to tell their story and spread their message. Since even the best projects would fail if nobody heard or understood them, our story-telling seminars train activists and campaigners on how to talk and write about themselves and their projects for different audiences, allowing them to build their base of supporters and grow their importance in their communities and within wider society.


Communication is a crucial element of any civic initiative. Being able to explain who you are, what you do and why it is important, influences people, builds trust and opens fundraising opportunities.


Stories need to be original and creative to connect with audiences. But this doesn’t mean the subject has to be new or undiscovered. For activists and campaigners, finding creative ways to discuss themselves, and address complex topics such as human rights, corruption or environmental protection, is a vital step to engaging people.


A new communications style can introduce organisations to new constituents. Understanding how to tailor approaches to local partners or international donors will ensure everybody gets the information they need.

How does it work?

We host civic actors in Prague for one week, arrange training with a professional writer and a number of field trips around the Czech Republic. Learning the theory of constructing stories and then meeting unique individuals and exploring new locations, such as a tour of Prague with some of the city’s homeless men and women or a visit to an urban farm, participants build a story focusing on one of the people they met or places they visited.

Participants learn how to introduce topics and talk about issues in a way which can capture the attention of new audiences such as local communities, mainstream media, politicians or donors. After the event, participants return to their organisations and construct a story about how they became involved in civil society or about the history of their group.

Upcoming Programmes

Please get in touch to find out more details about the scheme and information on the next workshop.

Participants' Stories

 Beauty to the Touch

By Anastasia Laukkanen

Anastasia Laukkanen, one of the organisers of the international film festival ECOCUP attended our story-telling workshop in 2016. In this story, written in Russian, Anastasia explores a day in the life of a blind person living in Prague.

Sudeten exploration

By Guzel Sanzhapova

Social Entrepreneur Guzel Sanzhapova visted Osinalice, a tiny village 50km north of Prague in the heart of Czech Bohemia, as part of our story-telling workshop in 2016. Here, in Russian, she describes a snowy, freezing December day.