Social Media Marketing Schools

With mainstream media under state or oligarchic control across much of Eastern Europe and Central Asia, the space for genuine public debate and critique is limited. Although regimes have started to crackdown on free speech online, social media remains one of the few places where civil society can communicate with new audiences with a degree of freedom.

But social media is about more than a place for expression. An effective online presence can help civic groups build connections with wider society, run fundraising campaigns and connect with other individuals and groups in different sectors or different countries. Our two-week social media marketing school teaches activists advanced social media campaigning skills to help them navigate the different outlets and grow their online support.


By cultivating an online community, civic groups can talk to their followers, understand their problems and create projects and solutions in collaboration with those who need support


While not perfect, social media still offers degrees of freedom for people to express their dissent and genuine opinions in a region where censorship is the norm


Social media allows civic groups to build communities of supporters across professional and geographic boundaries

How does it work?

A small group of activists from different countries across the region come to Prague for 10 days of intense training and workshops on how to run effective social media campaigns. The school is run by a professional social media expert who covers everything from how to organise an ad campaign to developing ideas around messaging, target audiences and content.

Upcoming Programmes

To find out more details about the scheme or how to participate, please contact us.