Visual Story-telling Residencies

Подробная информация о резиденциях по визуальному сторителлингу

Our visual story-telling residencies scheme partners commercial artists from Eastern Europe and Central Asia with NGOs and producers to create visual civic campaigns. The scheme is designed to help link some of the best creative professionals from the region with the civic sector and help them find a way to use their artistic skills for social projects.



Cartoons, animations, sketches and photographs bring stories and people to life. A simple image can convey emotions or tell a story which words on a page cannot. Helping campaigners access a different way of showcasing their work forces clarity, captures attention and introduces work and initiatives to a new audience.


Our scheme opens the door for commercial artists who want to become involved in civil society, or devise and work on a unique campaign with a new network of partners. It creates a bridge between professional artists and the world of civil society which we hope will spark closer collaboration between the two groups.


Art is universal. It can be accessed, interpreted and understood by everybody and cross national and linguistic boundaries. At a time when freedom of speech is being squeezed in parts of the region, a creative approach to spreading messages and campaigning is one aspect of an effective push-back strategy.

How does it work?

Artists, animators and designers partner with an NGO from the region to design some campaign material or a new graphic product. Residents travel to the NGO to learn about their mission and work, before living and working in Prague for six weeks, staying with the Prague Civil Society Centre, to work on their projects. Typically, artists create short animated videos, cartoons or satirical leaflets exploring social issues, in collaboration with activists. The civic organisations can then use the visual materials to run a campaign or raise awareness about a particular topic in the home country or across the region.

Upcoming Programmes

We are looking for both artists and NGOs who would like to participate in our 2017 & 2018 residencies programmes.

For full details, please visit the Russian information page.

Protecting Almaty from smog

By Gleb Ponomarev

Almaty suffers from pollution and smog. A new video by one of our art residents explores creative ways to rid the city of dangerous fumes.

Against bride kidnapping

By Tatiana Zelenskaya

A new series of animated videos has captured the attention of local media with its powerful images and stories focusing on the problem of bride kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan.