Innovation and Communication

Civic innovation comes in many forms. Journalists using drones to investigate corruption and environmental damage, activists using gamification to raise awareness of societal problems and run advocacy campaigns, or entrepreneurs launching new ventures to support vulnerable groups in their community.

Across Eastern Europe and Central Asia, these kinds of projects are growing in importance, impact and relevance. A new generation of civil society is experimenting with technology and devising creative ways to reach wider society and spread their message. They are redefining the who, what, how and why of activism to drive positive change throughout society. They are engaging with groups from different countries, along with professionals, experts and academics from different fields to gather the best ideas and projects from across the world and learn how to tailor them for a new environment and community.

Our programmes support this bold, visionary thinking, and we strive to help campaigners develop the skills and forge the connections to continue this innovation and experimentation. At a time of disturbing headlines and mounting repression across the region, we believe this focus on creative communication and constituency-building are vitally important to build sustainable, robust and vibrant civil societies.

Upcoming Programmes


Our Initiatives

Technology & Innovation Labs

Hackathons, workshops and training sessions to match civic actors with professionals, and experiment with new technology and creative ways of communicating

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Visual story-telling residencies

Long-term programme based in Prague for commercial artists to work in partnership with an NGO or activist group to design visual materials such as animated videos, satirical cartoons or campaign material

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Social media marketing school

Advanced social media campaigning school with professional marketers to teach activists how to build their online communities and run fundraising and advocacy campaigns

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Annual events

Every year we host Unlock and CampCamp. Unlock focuses on technology and activism whilst CampCamp looks to enhance the communication and campaigning skills of civil society.

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