How to protect Almaty from smog?

Almaty, the largest city in Kazakhstan, suffers from pollution and smog. A new video by one of our art residents explores creative ways to rid the city of dangerous fumes.

Kazakhstan’s former capital is wedged between various mountains, standing at 700m above sea level. This gives tourists and locals incredible views across the Trans-Ili Alatu, but creates a problem for a city of 1.7m inhabitants.

With georgraphic features not helping the city get rid of the vast quantities of emmissions it produces every day, the fumes collect in the city, with polluted air recirculating between the walls of mountains.

Gleb Ponomarev, an animator from the city used his two-months in Prague as one of our art residents to design a short video covering various imaginative ways to rid Almaty of smog. In doing so, he is helping to raise awareness of the issue among those who live and work in Almaty in a creative and memorable fashion.


Visual story-telling Residencies

Our visual story-telling residencies scheme partners commercial artists from Eastern Europe, Russia, the Caucasus and Central Asia with NGOs and activists to create visual civic campaigns. The scheme is designed to help link some of the best creative professionals from the region with the civic sector and help them find a way to use their artistic skills for social projects.


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