CitizenLab 2017

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CitizenLab 2017 is a three-day hackathon for citizens of Eastern Europe and Central Asia designed to boost participation in digital activism across the region

We are currently looking for IT and data experts in the following areas: geostatic data, data maps, data scrapping, blockchain, budget transparency, sensors for air particles, drone footage, and mobile application.

What: Hackathon on using new tools and technologies for civic projects
Where: Kyiv, Ukraine
When: 25-27 November 2017
Language: Russian

Why CitizenLab?

New technologies open up new opportunities for civic projects, helping urban and rural activists launch new ideas, and build and develop connections with their communities. This empowers citizens, whether it is to scrutinise or contribute to a local budget, measure the level of air pollution in their town, film illegal garbage-dumps with drones, create virtual guides and explainers, or co-ordinate voluntary work through a mobile app. All these ideas – and countless more – are products of the new relationship between activists and citizens which is developing across the world.

Who is CitizenLab for?

CitizenLab is built for activists, IT experts and designers who want to launch a new project, or engage with social issues and promote digital participation among their community.

Activists should have an idea for an innovative, but realistic, project, which offers a solution to a real social issue in their region or city. We are looking for ideas which work on a local level and address a real problem, or offer a new opportunity for citizens to engage with social issues or a political process in their community.

The application is still open to IT & data professionals from the countries displayed in yellow on the map. The application for activists has now closed.

The deadline for applications from IT & data professionals is November 14, 2017. A link to the application form can be found at the bottom of the page.

How does CitizenLab work?

CitizenLab partners activists with IT experts and designers in teams of three for an intensive three days of project research, design and creation. Expert speakers from activism, technology, and marketing/design will provide intense masterclasses for all participants and offer guidance on how to design their products. Each team will develop a prototype product during the course of the hackathon. The teams then pitch their ideas to the entire group, and the best projects will be invited to apply for small grants from the Prague Civil Society Centre to kick-start their initiative.

CitizenLab 2017 is organised by the Prague Civil Society Centre with financial support from the EU-funded project “Eastern Partnership Civil Society Facility

The organisers will cover the travel and accommodation expenses of successful applicants


Apply for CitizenLab

The application for activists has now closed. 

The deadline for IT and data professionals to apply is November 14, 2017

Designers and IT experts should use the form on this page.