Call for Applications: “Like A Pro” Product Management Workshop

What: Like A Pro is an online workshop on product management for civil society activists.

Where: online

When: 10 -27  November 2020

Language: Russian

Who can apply: Civil society organisations and activists from Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

На русском

Like a Pro is an online workshop bringing together civil society activists with experienced product managers who will help them to improve a tool they are already using to communicate with their audience. It can be a website, chatbot, training course, app, etc.

Often referred to in the civil society community as “projects”, in this workshop these tools will be called “products”, and activists will explore ways to develop them using a business approach. When applying the insights of product managers, activists can gain the skills and understanding needed to deliver tools that actually meet the needs of their audience. The language of communication of the workshop is Russian, but products can be in any language.

What will the workshop entail?

Like A Pro is designed for civil society activists who care about the real needs of their target audience. Rather than taking a top down approach, they want to learn from their constituents and refine their products by testing assumptions and improving their offer accordingly.

The civil society sector has stepped up its game in terms of communications skills, tech savvy and business acumen. Even still, sometimes their products are created to follow a trend rather than to serve their audience. The results are eye-catching but impractical. This is where product managers can help. In a business environment, the product manager is the one who analyses how the customer interacts with the product and suggests updates to make it more useful and attractive for them.

Main topics of the workshop:
• Strategies for focusing on customer needs (empathy maps, customer journey maps, Lean Canvas approach)
• Formulating a hypothesis about how your product will fill a need and measuring success
• Generating ideas and choosing solutions
• Prototyping
• Product testing (validation and feedback)

Who is this workshop for?

We welcome applications from all civil society activists from the countries in the map below and do not prioritise any particular themes of their work in the selection process, however we are not able to accept applications from activists focusing exclusively on humanitarian issues, as there are plenty of foundations offering support in this area. Applicants should already have a functioning product they want to work on during the workshop.

What do we expect from participants?

Participation in the program is free of charge, but requires investment of a significant amount of time and mental effort. If you are applying, we expect a pro-active attitude towards the programme, homework and mentors’ recommendations.

To participate in the workshop, you will also need a stable Internet connection, a laptop, headphones with a microphone, and a webcam.

Estimated time requirements: 4 hours per day Tuesday-Friday between November 10 and November 27. 48 hours total required attendance.

Format of time spent in the workshop:
• Lectures (30 min each plus Q&A)
• Interactive sessions (1-2 hours each)
• Mentor consultations (participants will be assigned to a mentor)
• Feedback sessions
• Homework review

Homework will be assigned for completion outside of the workshop sessions. Each task will require approximately one hour to complete. If a participant is absent for the third time or fails to submit homework, he or she will be removed from the program.

How to apply


1. Watch this video about “lean canvas.” 

2. Create a lean canvas for your project. 

3. Upload it on any sharing platform (Google.Drive, Yandex.Disk, etc…)

4. Fill out the application form below, inserting the link to your lean canvas file into the appropriate field.

5. Submit the application form below by October 25, 2020.

Application Form

Successful applicants will be notified by November 2nd, 2020.
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