Call for Applications: E-learning Accelerator


!!! will take place online. Application deadline extended!!!

What: Accelerator programme for online learning projects

Dates:  end of April– end of August, 2020

Location: Online

Language: Russian

Who should apply: Any civil society organisation, small business, start-up or  educational institution looking for financial and expert mentoring support for their online educational projects. We welcome applicants who want to scale up a project that is already running, as well as beginners diving into online education for the first time. 

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The corona virus pandemic is closing schools and universities around the world. No one knows when life will return to normal, and in the meantime, there is huge demand for online learning, not only from traditional students, but also from those who will need to boost their skills to remain competitive on the labour market as our global economy undergoes dramatic changes.

That’s where comes in.

We want to help you develop your online learning project. We are especially interested in projects aiming to fill learning gaps created by the corona virus crisis, as well as those providing materials in the region’s many languages. Read about 2019.

In addition to mentoring during the online workshop, the selected participants will receive funding from PCSC. Selected participants stand to be awarded between €2,000-€5,000 for those developing their first online education project and up to €8,000 for projects already running that need to scale up, as well as continued mentorship for up to 4 months.

The programme will take place entirely online. If it is safe for  participants to gather in person at some later date, we will probably organise an in-person workshop.


Who is for?

The programme is designed for civil society organisations, small businesses, start-ups and educational institutions looking to launch a new online education project, as well as existing projects that are already running well but need a boost to improve their content and reach new audiences. We prioritise projects focusing on the following themes:

•Projects providing quick access to educational content that people cannot access offline due to quarantine conditions.
• Humanities, social and political sciences
• Economy and financial literacy
• History, art and culture
• Active citizenship, civil society activism, urban initiatives
• Gender studies and women empowerment
• Social entrepreneurship
• IT, programming, video-making, graphic-design, and similar specifically designed for young audiences
• Development of soft skills
• Global challenges

We accept applications from organisations and citizens of the following countries in yellow on the map below:

We want to support these projects to do some or any of the following: start fresh with a new project, develop an existing project, scale-up, add content, improve visually, upgrade software, enhance visibility and market themselves more effectively.

While we will not accept projects that are fully commercial in nature, we are interested in those that have a monetisation and sustainability strategy.


How does work? brings together people dedicated to developing new and captivating formats that make education more attractive and accessible. Industry experts will lead online workshops tailored to the specific needs of the participants and offer guidance on their individual projects.


How to Apply

Application Deadline: April 15

Application Form

You can fill in the application form in either English or Russian, but please note that the working language of the workshop is Russian.

If you have any questions drop us a line at