Read articles by our Fellows and Interns

Our Fellows and Interns often compliment their research and exchanges by authoring articles, both on their research and to shed light on the situation in their home countries. Click to read pieces authored by our Fellows and Interns on the visibility of women in the media in Ukraine, the country’s recent elections and ongoing reforms in Armenia.

Meet our Spring Fellows

We’re delighted to welcome this year’s first group of fellows to Prague. Our fellowship programme provides an opportunity for leading members of civil society and researchers from Eastern Europe and Central Asia to spend three months in Prague researching, writing and networking.

It’s a gamechanger: Gamification for civil society

At the Prague Civil Society Centre we are always on the lookout for inventive and innovative ways for civil society to get its message across. Often NGOs and activists have great ideas on how to solve social issues but struggle to reach enough people to translate these ideas into change. Our Gamechanger workshops show how gamification can be used by civil society as a means to broaden its audience.

Vacancy: Communications Officer

The Prague Civil Society Centre is looking for a Communications Officer to join our international team and help us support civil society across Eastern Europe & Central Asia. Deadline: 10 April 2019

Apply now:

We want to support up and coming online educational projects in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. is our new accelerator programme designed to give e-learning initiatives the boost they need to reach new audiences, develop content and enhance their visibility. If you have a project that could use such support then could be just what it needs. Deadline 31 March 2019.


In November we hosted CampCamp in Yerevan. Our biggest yet, over 150 participants from all over Eastern Europe and Central Asia came for four intensive days focused on helping civic initiatives strengthen their bond with local communities through the use of new approaches, technologies and creative solutions.

Applications Open for Unlock 2019

Applications are now open for Unlock 2019, our flagship civic technology summit

Прием заявок на Switch открыт

У вас имеется новаторская идея и вы намерены использовать IT-технологии для развития общества, улучшения жизни сообществ и продвижения прогрессивных идей? Тогда наша программа Switch предназначена для вас. Мы готовы помочь превратить уже существующие прототипы (рабочие модели) в проекты и расширить масштабы гражданских инициатив в странах Восточной Европы и Центральной Азии.

Apply now for Switch

Got a great idea that uses technology to transform your society, spread your message or solve a social issue? We want to hear from you! Apply now for Switch, our grant scheme for tech based solutions to social issues across Eastern Europe and Central Asia, for the chance to receive our support to make your idea a reality.

Lights, Camera, Caption

Our Almaty video school brought activists, journalists, bloggers and entrepreneurs from all over Central Asia to Kazakhstan to learn how to make effective caption videos with smartphones.

Apply now for the PCSC Fellowship Programme in 2019

Apply now for the PCSC Fellowship Programme in 2019 and the opportunity for three fully funded months in Prague to focus on your
research, network and think.

Youth: Trends & Leaders

There is a perception that young people are no longer interested in the work of civil society. We disagree. We’re calling for the influences, trend setters and members of youth organisations to join us in Armenia this November and share their experiences of participation in civic activity. Deadline to apply: 6 October 2018

Creative Campaigning

Effective campaigning is a real challenge. Our Vsyo Yasno workshops give a boost to activists trying to get their message across by pairing them with illustrators to come up with striking, memorable and effective campaigns on a range of social issues.

Join us in Armenia for CampCamp 2018

Apply to join us in Yerevan for CampCamp 2018. CampCamp is all about helping civil initiatives strengthen their bond with their local communities through the use of new technologies and creative solutions. CampCamp 2018 will take place in Yerevan on 7-11 November 2018.

Приезжайте к нам на CampCamp 2018

Мы открыли приём заявок на CampCamp 2018. CampCamp – Международный баркэмп про общественные кампании и коммуникации для гражданского общества. В Ереване 7-11 ноября 2018.

Школа Дронализма 2018

Международная школа по дрон-журналистике и эффективном использовании дрона для сторителинга. 15 – 17 октбяря 2018 в Ереване. Дедлайн для заявок: 2 сентября 2018.

Прием заявок на «GameChanger» открыт!

Открыт прием заявок на 4-дневную мастерскую-хакатон «GameChanger: интерактивные истории»! Ждем заявок от дизайнеров, программистов, активистов и сотрудников некоммерческих организаций до 20 июля.

Мастерская «ВсёЯсно!2018» ищет региональных партнеров

Мы ищем партнеров для проведения мастерских «ВсёЯсно!2018». Нашими партнерами в проведении мастерских могут стать рекламные и маркетинговые агентства, некоммерческие организации, СМИ, коворкинги или арт-площадки.

Мастерская ExChange Your Impact открыта

Приём заявок на участие в мастерской «ExChange Your Impact» в Одессе. Мастерская объединит представителей малого бизнеса, социальных предпринимателей, создателей образовательных программ и креативных пространств, реализующих инновационные, амбициозные и вдохновляющие проекты, позитивно влияющие на качество жизни в окружающем пространстве. Мы ждём ваших заявок до 18 июля 2018 года.

Applications for “Всёясно” now open

The Prague Civil Society Centre and Design Bureau Verstak are inviting NGOs, activists, sociologists, designers, illustrators and animators to apply for Всёясно 2018 – a four-day hackathon on marketing and product design for civil society. Apply by 9 July.

Прием заявок на «Всеясно! 2018» открыт!

Дизайн-бюро «Верстак» и Пражский гражданский центр принимают заявки на мастерскую «Всеясно! 2018». «Всеясно!» – это мастерская, где представители некоммерческих организаций, активистских групп, авторы социологических исследований могут встретиться и поработать с дизайнерами, иллюстраторами и аниматорами над совместными проектами. Заявки принимаются до 9 июля.

Applications open for GameChanger

Applications are now open for GameChanger, a four-day hackathon on gamificaiton and interactive story-telling. Designers, programmers, activists & NGOs should apply by 20 July.

Vacancy: Local Consultant (Kyrgyzstan)

The Prague Civil Society Centre is looking for a Local Consultant in Kyrgyzstan. The role will be part-time, based in Kyrgyzstan to enhance in-country background of the Centre’s programmes, initially for a period of 12 months, with the possibility of extension.

Apply now for our video school in Lviv

The Lviv Video Quest is a 10 day school aimed at developing the skills of young social activists and journalists in filming and editing videos. The event is designed for young activists, bloggers, vloggers, journalist and social entrepreneurs from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine. Deadline to apply: 1 July 2018

Unlock 2018: two days of innovation and inspiration

Unlock is the Prague Civil Society Centre’s annual innovation platform. This year over 200 of the most creative minds in technology, civic activism, business and the arts from Eastern Europe and Central Asia came to Prague for two days of inspiration and creative collaboration.

Вакансия: Местный консультант в Кыргызстане

Пражский гражданский центр ищет местного консультанта в Кыргызстане. Данная позиция, открываемая Центром с целью улучшения понимания местного контекста в рамках организованных им программ, предполагает частичную занятость и проживание в Кыргызстане. Успешному кандидату будет предложен контракт на 12 месяцев с возможностью последующего продления.

Switch: How tech can solve social issues

Switch was a call to the region for tech based solutions to social problems in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Find out how 21 great ideas came to Prague to pitch for support from the Prague Civil Society Centre.

Программа арт-интервенций открыта

Цель арт-интервенций Пражского гражданского центра – создать в городах пространство для общественной дискуссии на социально значимые темы, через взаимодействия современных художников, локальных гражданских организаций и широкой публики.

Apply now for our Tbilisi Summer School

The Tbilisi Summer School, organised by the Prague Civil Society Centre and the International school of Economics at Tbilisi State University, will explore Georgia’s successes (and failures) in reforming its economy, society and politics. Apply by 15 June 2018.

Apply now for our art intervention programme

Our Art Intervention Programme partners artists with NGOs to spark debate among the wider public over social issues. Apply by 11 June for one of two programmes in Bishkek & Brest.

Apply now for our Art Intervention programme

Our Art Intervention Programme partners artists with NGOs to spark debate among the wider public over social issues. Apply by 11 June for one of two programmes in Bishkek & Brest.

Vacancy: Grants Assistant (Russian-speaking)

We’re hiring a Grants Assistant (Russian-speaking) to join our growing international team. The position is a full-time role based in our office in Prague. The deadline for applications is 10 June 2018.

Apply now for the PCSC Internship Programme

The internship programme provides the opportunity for members of civil society organisations, activists, experts and journalists to spend one to two months at a relevant host organisation in Central and Eastern Europe, the Baltics, Balkans, and Central Asia.

Applications now open for Tseli/Comm

Apply now for Tseli/Comm: A 9-month programme aimed at helping NGOs and activists build stronger and healthier relationships with their local communities. Прием заявок открыт для «Цели/Koмм»: Девятимесячная программа, целью которой является помочь НКО и активистским группам выстроить прочные отношения с местным населением.

Vacancy: Senior Accountant (Czech-speaking)

We’re hiring a Senior Accountant to join the Centre’s Finance and Administration team. The position is a full-time role based in our office in Prague. The deadline for applications is 10 June 2018.

Applications open for Almaty Video School

Applications are now open for our Almaty Video School, a workshop for participants from Central Asia aimed at developing filming and video editing skills in order to produce content for social media. Deadline 18 April 2018. Приём заявок открыт для Almaty Video School: Мастерская по созданию видеороликов для публикации в социальных сетях. Последний срок приема заявок: 18 апреля 2018.

Supporting independent media in Kyrgyzstan

Kloop is Kyrgyzstan’s leading independent news outlet. With the support of the Prague Civil Society Centre, the organisation successfully launched a commercial department to bring in revenue through sponsored advertising content, marking a step towards greater sustainability for the outlet’s funding.

Applications are now open for Unlock 2018

Applications are now open to participate in Unlock 2018. Unlock will take place in Prague on the 24-25 May 2018 and will explore how technology and innovation are empowering civil society in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Deadline for applications – 31 March 2018.

MoneyTalks: Приём заявок открыт

Приём заявок открыт для MoneyTalks. НеКонференция MoneyTalks посвящена исследованию бизнес-моделей и стратегий монетизации в гражданском секторе Восточной Европы и Центральной Азии с целью получения прибыли и снижения зависимости от крупных доноров. Последний срок приема заявок:12 марта 2018.

Applications open for MoneyTalks

MoneyTalks is an unconference in Prague that will explore how the not-for-profit sector in Eastern Europe and Central Asia can embrace business models and monetisation strategies in order to generate income and reduce dependency on big donors. Deadline to apply: 12 March 2018.

Unlock 2018: Приём заявок открыт

Приём заявок открыт для Unlock – наша ежегодная платформа, посвященная теме инноваций в гражданском секторе и вопросам применения новых технологий для расширения возможностей гражданского общества в Восточной Европе и Центральной Азии. Последний срок према заявок – 31 марта 2018.

Прием заявок на Стипендиальную программу

Полное финансирование трехмесячной исследовательской стипендии для исследователей, активистов и журналистов, занимающихся гражданским активизмом и социальными проблемами в странах Восточной Европы и Центральной Азии. Последний срок приема заявок – 10 марта 2018.

Research Fellowship: Apply now

Applications are open for our fully funded three-month research residency for activists, researchers and journalists working with civic activism and social issues in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Deadline for applications: 10 march 2018.

Teaching Fellowship: Applications Open

Apply now for a Teaching Fellowship at the Summer School on Nationalism, Religion and Violence in Prague on 18-29 June 2018

Visualising change

For NGOs and activists anywhere, getting people’s attention and winning their support is difficult. This task is made a whole lot easier if the campaign is visually smart, sharp and striking. Our art residencies team up activists and artists to  visually transform campaigns in a way that makes them accessible to everyone and anyone.

GameChanger 2018 – приём заявок открыт

GameChanger 2018 – хакатон по геймификации социально значимых проектов. Приём заявок открыт!

Data + Design = Impact

Getting people interested in the conclusions of academic research is difficult. Vse Yasno is a data visualisation workshop organised by the Prague Civil Society Centre and Verstak Design Bureau that aims to make research on social issues accessable to a wider audience.

Black Snow is Falling

Black snow caused by coal dust is a common phenomenon in Russia’s Far East. With the support of our art residency programme, Russian NGO Eco Defense and the Stop Coal campaign created an eye catching animation to highlight the issue.

Performing for Change

Armenian Human Rights NGO Logos, with the support of the Prague Civil Society Centre, have developed an interactive travelling theatre production to inspire and empower women in rural Armenia to engage in the political process.

Fair Access to Justice

In Kyrgyzstan nearly half of all women are subject to violence with most instances going unpunished. Public Union Bishkek Feminist Initiatives launched a campaign to raise awareness and challenge the apathy of the authorities towards this issue.

«Всёясно! 2018» Applications open

Applications are now open for «Всёясно! 2018» a data visualisation workshop in Prague

Kazakh activists lampoon secretive state spending on propaganda

In Kazakhstan, $140m of taxpayer’s money is spent every year on propaganda and media campaigns. With the help of the Prague Civil Society Centre’s visual story-telling scheme, activists were able to shine a light on how this money is spent. 

CitizenLab 2017: Applications open

Applications are now open for CitizenLab 2017, a three-day hackathon in Kyiv to explore tools to boost participation in digital activism.

Empowering women by raising awareness of sexual harassment

A new campaign by Union Sapari, a Georgian Women’s organisation, successfully raises awareness of the issue of sexual harassment in Georgia.

Switch 2017: Applications open

Applications are now open for Switch 2017, our grants scheme to support tech-based solutions to social problems across Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Victims speak out on Chechnya’s anti-LGBT purge

A new report from the Russian LGBT Network tells the stories of gay men who were arrested, tortured and then fled Chechnya amid the republic’s anti-LGBT purge.

Kyiv Summer School: How is Ukraine different?

The Prague Civil Society Centre organised a two-week summer school programme with the Kyiv School of Economics and leading activists, reformers and politicians to assess the state of post-Maidan reforms in Ukraine and what lessons can be learnt across the region.

Человека сделали инвалидом. А как мою душу искалечили?

Проект Стаси Соколовской – это серия из пяти портретов родственников жертв пыток. Портреты иллюстрируют истории героев – жён и матерей людей, подвергшихся пыткам полиции.

Dreams from behind bars

Murat Dilmanov, a visual story-telling resident with the Prague Civil Society Centre, has created a series of illustrations which he has printed onto people’s backs in support of former political prisoner, Rasul Jafarov.

Civil society and foreign aid in Moldova

Vlada Ciobanu discusses Moldovan civil society and outlines how she will use her Prague Civil Society Centre fellowship to explore ways to boost public participation and engagement with the political process.

Shrinking space for civil society in Kazakhstan

Aina Shormanbayeva, human rights defender and lawyer, highlights the rising phenomenon of shrinking space in Kazakhstan – a theme she will explore during a fellowship with the Prague Civil Society Centre.

The ambiguity of nationalism in East Central Europe

Dr. Valeria Korablyova, a Prague Civil Society Centre Fellow, looks at the division between aggressive and defensive nationalism in Ukraine, and the history of nationalism in the Visegrad countries since the fall of the Iron Curtain.

Lessons for Armenia from Czech civil society

Avetik Mejlumyan, a lecturer at Yerevan State University (YSU) investigates whether the experience of Czech civil society since the 1990s has lessons for modern-day Armenia.

Exiled newsrooms: How technology can help

Bektour Iskender, co-founder of the Kloop Media Foundation, explains his Prague Civil Society Centre Fellowship project, exploring when, why and how independent media outlets operate outside of their home countries.

Messages from a prisoner of conscience

Rasul Jafarov, Azerbaijani lawyer, human rights defender and former political prisoner, explains his new book, “Messages from a prisoner of conscience”, which he is writing as part of a Fellowship with the Prague Civil Society Centre.

The beginning and the end of Russkiy Mir

Peter Ruzavin, a journalist for independent Russian station TV Dozhd, and Prague Civil Society Centre fellow, explains his project – looking at what schoolbooks teach us about Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia.

Story-telling workshop: Beauty to the touch

Anastasia Laukkanen, one of the organisers of the international film festival ECOCUP attended our story-telling workshop in 2016. In this story, written in Russian, Anastasia explores a day in the life of a blind person living in Prague.

How to protect Almaty from smog?

Almaty, the largest city in Kazakhstan, suffers from pollution and smog. A new video by one of our visual story-telling residents explores creative ways to rid the city of dangerous fumes.

Campaign against bride kidnapping launches in Kyrgyzstan

A new series of animated videos, produced by one of our visual story-telling residents, has captured the attention of local media with its powerful images and stories focusing on the problem of bride kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan.

Story-telling workshop: Sudeten exploration

Social Entrepreneur Guzel Sanzhapova visted Osinalice, a tiny village 50km north of Prague in the heart of Czech Bohemia, as part of our story-telling workshop in 2016. Here, in Russian, she describes what she saw and the people she met on a snowy, freezing December day.