Apply now for our Art Intervention programme

Our Art Intervention Programme partners artists with NGOs to spark debate among the wider public over social issues. Apply by 11 June for one of two programmes in Bishkek & Brest.

What: Two schemes for artists to partner with NGOs and cultural hosts to produce work on social issues

When: 1 July – 15 August 2018

Language: Russian

Location: Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan & Brest, Belarus (two separate schemes)

Who should apply: Artists from Eastern Europe & Central Asia who work with social issues and use public participation, urban intervention and street art to engage communities in public debate

Expenses: The Prague Civil Society Centre will cover travel and accommodation expenses, as well as the cost of working materials.

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What are Art Interventions?

The goal of Prague Civil Society Center’s Art-Interventions is to create a space for public debate over social issues through the cooperation of modern artists, local NGOs and the general public.

Two artist who succeed in the selection process will become artists-in-residence with two art platforms. Within 45 days, they will create art projects that will reflect on social issues relevant to local residents. Local NGOs dealing with these issues will become the artists’ partners and consultants.

You will find detailed information about each of the places and residency topics below.

Intervention in Bishkek: Science-Art to save the Botanic Garden


Aim: To engage Bishkek residents in recovering the resources of the Botanic garden; to turn the garden into an interactive nature research center for Central Asia.

Photo: Ahmet Dogan

The Botanic Garden is more than eighty years old. It is the biggest botanic garden in Central Asia. In recent years, locals have been becoming less and less interested in the garden as a research center and a monument of cultural and architectural significance. Through organizing educational events and events that will engage Bishkek residents in taking care of the garden it will become possible to change the attitude towards green city spaces. For the whole period of the residency, a local organisation in cooperation with the Botanic Garden will provide space for art experiments on the premises.

Candidate Requirements: Motivation and capacity for working on participatory art projects. Artists working in science-art will be given an advantage.

Intervention in Brest: National Borders and Refugees

Aim: To spark a debate over the problem of national boarders in the modern world and to draw attention to the situation of refugees from North Caucasus on the border between Poland and Belarus.

“Brest is situated on the border between Poland and Belarus on Berlin-Moscow roadway and on the crossing of important commercial routes. It is one of the few ‘real’ borders, meaning that most people need a visa to cross it. In fact, you can cross whole Eurasia, from Lisbon to Vladivostok, without stopping at any borders except for the Brest one.

“A border is never just a physical obstacle, but always a symbol, a mental object. The border itself as well as the people crossing it have a significant impact on the lives of people who live in our city. Lately, the situation of the refugees from North Caucasus who are seeking asylum in Poland has become a major issue in Brest. We offer an artist an opportunity to use the language of art to speak to Brest residents about the problem of national borders in the modern world. In this project, we will try to play the role of a reliable guide.”

Candidate requirements: The artist can decide on the most appropriate format and the audience for the project, from refugees themselves to Brest residents, political leaders and international community.

How to apply

Interested artists must complete the below application form by 11 June 2018. Artists should indicate which of the two interventions they are applying for.

Eligible artists should live or work in one of the countries displayed on the map:

Stay up to date on the application process through our Telegram Channel 

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