Telling Her Story

Anti-Domestic Violence Campaign Lab

The application process is now closed. We will notify successful applicants by October 20, 2020.

What: Online lab to help activists develop anti-domestic violence campaigns.

Who can apply: NGOs, activist groups, shelters and media working on the topic of domestic violence in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Caucasus.

When: October-December 2020 (online).

Deadline for application: October 11, 2020.

Language: Russian, language of campaigns will depend on a target audience.

На русском

What is this lab about?

Anyone who campaigns against domestic violence knows that even the most outrageous cases of abuse rarely stay in the headlines longer than a week, and traditional means of drawing public attention to the problem are losing their effect over time. Due to a lack of resources, time and inspiration, activists often struggle to develop new, creative ideas for anti-domestic violence campaigns. Enter “Telling Her Story”, an anti-domestic violence campaign lab.

The online campaign lab will help activists develop anti-domestic violence campaigns based on the stories of real people that will capture their audience’s attention and impel them to act. Participants will develop compelling, effective, low-budget campaigns against domestic violence that will help their organisation reach their goal, be it crowdfunding, advocacy or awareness raising. Experienced professionals (marketing specialists, media producers and creatives) will mentor participants and the campaign concepts will get financial support for implementation.

Who can apply?

Activist groups, NGOs, shelters and media which:

•Work on the issue of domestic violence in any way (direct help to victims, legal/psychological assistance, etc…)
•Have an idea for a campaign they want to develop at the lab.
•Can assign at least two people from their organisation who will be developing and implementing the campaign (one person is expected to participate in the lab. The others are welcome to join but not required).
•Are based in Eastern Europe, Central Asia or the Caucasus.


How will it work?

The lab will begin with a two-week training on story-driven campaign design. Experienced professionals in the fields of marketing, communications and campaigns will deliver the webinars. These same coaches will mentor participants in the second stage.

In the second stage, participants will work with mentors on developing their own campaign from concept to implementation plan. Participants will also work with highly qualified designers, illustrators and animators who will help them with creative packaging and visualisations for their campaign.

The final stage of the lab is a grant competition in which a jury will select the best project concepts. Those selected will receive grants of between 2,000-8,000 euros to implement their campaign.

What kinds of campaigns will participants work on?

 Participants can work on campaigns of any kind: fundraising, advocacy, awareness-raising, online and offline, local and global. The only requirement is that the campaigns must be based on true stories from real people. These can be stories of victims of domestic violence, those who helped them, or a concerned bystander who intervened to stop abuse. Participants will tell stories through illustrations, comics, posters, cartoons, videos and other media.

Why stories?

•Stories are a powerful communication tool that grabs people’s attention, inspires them to take action and disarms an opponent.
•Stories have been at the heart of large-scale campaigns that have changed the world (#MeToo and #ЯНеБоюсьСказать), as well as small but very successful local projects (for example, the Kyrgyz cartoon series about bribe kidnapping “Once I was stolen”).
•Stories can be used in any form of activism, from discussions to protest actions. Stories are not necessarily a text format. At the lab, participants will not write stories, but rather learn how to create campaigns based on those stories to help combat domestic violence in their country.
•Every organisation or activist group working on the topic of domestic violence has access to living, moving and inspiring stories. These stories are an invaluable resource for their work.

How to apply?


The application process is now closed. We will notify successful applicants by October 20,2020.

If you have any questions, please contact us at