Freedom Chair Fellowship Programme

When applying for a PCSC Fellowship, you can also simultaneously apply for the Freedom Chair Fellowship Programme—a programme for scholars, academics and researchers from Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The Freedom Chair Fellowship has been jointly designed by the Institute of International Studies of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the Charles University in Prague and the Prague Civil Society Centre to provide scholars with a one to three-month research residency with the IIS FSS in Prague.

We encourage you to apply for the Freedom Chair Fellowship Programme if:

· you are planning to conduct research, write an academic paper, article or report;
· you need to gain new knowledge of specific subjects related to social, economic, political, historical or cultural issues in the Central and East European region;
· you want to learn from Czech academic peers, undertake professional training, or expand your network of academic contacts;
· you are willing and motivated to share your knowledge and expertise with your peers at Charles University.

The Freedom Chair Fellowship Programme will give preference to scholars at risk. It is not open to applicants who are still pursuing their PhD degree.

All Freedom Chair fellows are expected to produce a concrete output (an academic paper, reviewed article, comparative study, policy recommendation, seminar or training curriculum), agreed in advance, which can be distributed electronically. These projects should aim to reflect and build upon the research and work of the fellows in their home countries.

To apply for the Freedom Chair Fellowship Programme:

· Fill in the PCSC Fellowship Programme Application form.
· In question no. 26 (“List the institutions/organisations/individuals you want to visit during your fellowship, including any conferences or events you plan to attend which are relevant for the purpose of your fellowship”) specify that you are especially interested in the Freedom Chair Fellowship Programme and cooperation with Charles University.
· Send your CV and examples of your work to