Campaigning Bootcamps

Campaigning is a fundamental aspect of civic initiatives.

Campaigns help groups and individuals affect change, increase political pressure, raise awareness of a cause, tell their community about a new project and connect with wider society.

Where resources are limited, or restrictions on freedom of speech stand in the way, however, activists need to think creatively about how to devise and implement campaigns which are both safe and effective.


Campaining Bootcamps combining learning with experimentation and networking to help activists secure the skills, experience and confidence to test creative campaigning methods.


Bootcamps focus on building lasting connections and forging a community of practitioners and experts from different fields and different countries with a vast range of specialties.



We help activists develop practical ideas and master a pool of different techniques which they can employ in the real world for both online and offline campaigns.

How does it work?

Our campaigning bootcamps are four-day residential workshops which give civic campaigners the skills, tools and experience to devise and run creative campaigns on any scale. We bring promising civic actors and leading communications professionals from across the region to one place so they can share their experiences, design different approaches and teach each other new techniques. The hybrid approach, mixing training, learning and workshops helps spark new ideas and partnerships from people working across different countries and in different sectors.

The most promising ideas devised at bootcamps are awarded grants by the Prague Civil Society Centre to put projects into action, and all attendees receive ongoing support both from us and from the network of fellow professionals and activists.

Upcoming Programmes

We are currently planning campaigning bootcamps for the second half of 2017.

To find out more details about how to participate, please get in touch.