Civic Starter Programme

The Prague Civil Society Centre is looking for ambitious and talented young people to join our Civic Starter programme.

Civic Starter is a four-month, paid, part-time work placement scheme which gives students, graduates and career-switchers experience in an international NGO, a deeper understanding of international relations and civil society, and the opportunity to develop projects which drive social change across Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

We are seeking students, recent graduates and anybody with an interest in human rights, civil society, technology & innovation, communications or activism to join our dynamic team, based in Central Prague, for 10-15 hours per week for a period of up to four months.

Successful applicants will help the Prague Civil Society Centre design and implement workshops, seminars and innovation labs for activists, campaigners, professionals and researchers. Civic Starters will also help with administration, event management and finance, have the opportunity to work on a personal project, such as research or designing a new event/training scheme, and develop a deeper understanding of issues related to international relations, civil society and the political and social climate in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.


Interested candidates should possess:

  • Fluent knowledge of Czech and English
  • An interest in civil society, international relations, communications, human rights or activism. Experience in any of these fields, or in media, ICT, art or informal educational initiatives would be an advantage
  • Good written and oral communication skills.
  • Strong time-management skills, the ability to self-organise, and a high level of personal responsibility
  • A general understanding of the political context in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Experience of travelling to any countries of the region would be an advantage.
  • Strong adherence to the values of equality, democracy and human rights.


How to apply

Please send a CV and short motivation letter, outlining your interest in the role and your future career plans to Clearly indicate “Civic Starter” in the subject line. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, although if you want to be considered for the next programme, please apply before 20 September 2017.

Successful candidates will spend 10-15 hours per week for a period of 4 months with the Prague Civil Society Centre. Some of the work can be completed remotely and candidates should be based in, or close to Prague. The programme is paid.

Upon completing the programme, the Prague Civil Society Centre can provide letters of recommendation and references to assist with job applications and introduce Civic Starters to relevant organisations and individuals to help kick-start their career.